Friday, December 16, 2011

Welcoming HackFwd on board

Definitely one of the most unique members, hope we can learn a lot from their approach!

Monday, November 21, 2011

4 more European accelerators join us

Please join me in welcoming NDRC (Dublin, Ireland), Ryanair Academy (Dublin, Ireland), Seedrocket (Barcelona, Spain) and H-Farm (Venice, Italy)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Another 3 leading programs join the Seed Accelerator Program Association

After a few skype calls Oxygen (Birmingham), Startupsauna (Helsinki) and Openfund (Athens) came on board today :D

If you are running an accelerator somewhere around the world don't miss out on the conversation!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hailing frequencies to connect with the other Seed Accelerator Programs remain open

A lot has changed since Alex Farcet and I drafted this site and Linkedingroup almost 2 years ago, for starters we've been Partners in the new Startupbootcamp for a while now. Techstars has also evolved the Global Affiliate program with Startupbootcamp to the Techstars Network, that includes over 25 programs around the world based on their model. Jon Bradford, who was one of the first members after launching The Difference Engine now leads Springboard and Ignite100. Seedcamp has refocused its strategy and grown the team. The first exhaustive accelerator rankings for the U.S. and Europe have been published. And although activity on the site has stopped, around a dozen other members have joined the forum, including Mozilla's WebFwD, GammaRebels and StartupHighway.

One thing that hasn't changed is that @Unitedaccel is still an open forum and that Managers from any Accelerator program around the world, as defined by the dozen moderators in the forum including Jed and Shedd who prepared the first listing and studies, is welcome to join the conversation without any strings attached or agendas beyond the manifesto. Ping me to know more

Hope to share more soon!

6 years of Paul Graham's YCombinator

Kudos to the program that started it all

Article in GigaOm

Friday, January 21, 2011

Multi-city accelerator program aims to finally put European entrepreneurs on the map

Not sure how I could share the post at TetuanValley and Startupbootcamp blogs without affecting the perceived neutrality of this forum, so I've just cut & pasted:

Rainmaking in Denmark and Okuri Ventures in Spain are joining forces to create the first accelerator based in several European cities, empowering entrepreneurs to leverage on local resources to access larger markets. The 3 month program in Madrid (Summer 2011) and Copenhagen (Fall 2011) will soon be followed by Berlin (Winter 2012) and London (Spring 2012). And that is only the beginning.

Why are we aiming to succeed where even the mighty European Union has failed? To put it in simple terms, some things just need to be done.

We want Startupbootcamp teams from all over the world to choose to attend any of the cities we are in, experiencing a truly European network. We want entrepreneurs to think about Europe as a single market, not a fragmented ecosystem. We want Startupbootcamp mentors to collaborate with teams all around Europe. We want investors to meet and invest in any startup in the European Startupbootcamp constellation. In our vision, there are no more countries and ecosystems, but a single connected Europe entrepreneurship space.

The 3 month program, where teams will receive 4000€ per team member and work in the free office space at Startupbootcamp sites, is based on the support of over 150 mentors that share their experience buidling truly amazing businesses. Each city has its own batch of local mentors plus a batch of international shared mentors across all programs. We truly believe in one Europe and that means that our people will be everywhere. Startups will have access to not only the whole Startupbootcamp Europe team, but to all the mentors and investors in our network which covers the whole world, US, EMEA, Latam and Asia.

We will also hold a European International Investor Day for all of our graduated startups to pitch to international VCs and Business Angels. We believe we need a platform for wider exposure of the European startup scene. We want to bring that to bridge countries and bring together startups and investors from across all geographies of the region.

Are you a entrepreneur? Want to kickstart your startup in a true international fashion? Want to meet peers from all over the world? Summer in partyland-sexy-Spain? Fall in beautiful-Copenhagen? Stay tuned, Madrid applications open on February 2011 and the deadline is May 15th 2011. The Copenhagen edition closes applications July 15th 2011.

Are you an investor? Passionate about finding new startups? Want to help the rising European entrepreneur scene? Want to attend our investor day? Come and join us!

Lets make things happen people, change is on its way, one Startupbootcamp, one program, one Europe!

Monday, June 28, 2010

How far are you willing to go to launch your startup?

Its been about six months since Alex Farcet and myself held a Skype conference after connecting through Twitter to share our experience with Tetuan Valley. That conversation led to my collaboration as mentor in Startup Bootcamp and the launch of United Accelerators as a forum for Seed capital programmes to connect and share experiences, group which Techstars and Seedcamp joined within a week and now includes Bucharest Hubb (Bucharest, Romania), Maverick Seed Capital (Lisbon, Portugal), Seed Accelerator (Sydney & Singapore, Australia and Asia), Techwildcatters (Dallas, U.S.A.) and The Difference Engine (U.K.),

Recently, Startup Bootcamp has set new standards for exchanging best practices by becoming the first Techstars Global Affiliate. And when a few weeks back we were offered to participate in their new fund it was time for the team at Okuri Ventures to reflect on the whether international borders are just lines on a 2D map and seriously consider our first international transaction... even though we had never shacked hands with the team in Copenhagen and have only been running our Tetuan Valley program for 2 editions. As every entrepreneur knows, incentives push us out of our comfort zones and launching a venture is closer to a journey than to a destination. Not to mention we feel a lot closer to their crew than to millions of people around the block which live on another plane of existance.

So if you are a startup somewhere in Europe that could benefit from being part of the first batch of the first Techstars Global Affiliate and believe Denmark is out of your way you might be waisting the opportunity of a lifetime. I lived there over a decade ago and must admit its cold and dark during the Winter, but 10 lucky teams are going to experience the Spring of their lives. Check out the details right now because deadline for applications is June 30th